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managing your property with integrity


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Ron Riddell

President & Broker

Hi Folks,


Before reading anything else on our web site, I kindly ask you to read this!


I've always prided myself on my honesty and integrity in serving the public. I operate Promax under the same moral compass. Looking back I recall a fellow real estate agent telling me I was too honest to be in real estate. This saddened me deeply.


My passion for real estate started in 1984 when my partner and I bought our first home. It was a new home in wonderful community called Springfield Oaks. We met several times with the on-site sales rep viewing floor plans and making final decisions on the type of home we were looking for. During one of our visits we watched the sales agent struggle to assist a hearing-impaired couple. My partner was fluent in ASL and taught at Gallaudet. The sales agent asked if we would assist! We were delighted to do so. It was then that we discovered that there were few, if any, agents fluent in ASL and serving the deaf community.


We both obtained our real estate licenses, and quit our full time jobs. Thus began my 35 year journey in the real estate profession. Although our initial clientele was the deaf community our service to the community expanded exponentially. The first year however was a lean year. To supplement our income I took a full time position at a private practice law firm assisting 2 attorneys with real estate closings. My primary job was title searching which took me to all the local courthouses! Listening in on court cases was fun stuff for me!


In addition to sales, and discovering the need for good property management, I added property management to our list or services in 1988.  I formed and incorporated Promax in 1990. Starting with just 1 property Promax has grown to 500 properties, at which our portfolio is capped. My goal is quality not volume.  By the way, one of my first clients was a Foreign Service Officer.


Since that time I am proud to share with you that my personal sales volume is $135,000,000.00. Promax total sales and leasing transactions volume since its inception is $249,566,552.00 verified through the Bright MLS system.

Why work with PROMAX Management?

What we do for you!

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Most property management companies, including Promax, offer the following services.

  • Accounting, accounts payable, receivables, and monthly owner distributions

  • Monthly statements, end-of-year  summary, IRS Form1099

  • Handle Maintenance and repairs

  • Emergency response and after hours coverage

  • Routine periodic inspections

  • Tenant procurement includes screening, credit history through Equifax, employee/income verification, and landlord references

  • Professional marketing of your home through Bright MLS.

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What we do differently!

  • Professional after-hours and emergency response for your tenant as well as a Promax Team Member

  • Extensive and on-going photo history of your home

  • Comprehensive Tenant Pre-Occupancy Tenant Orientation Session

  • Your active participation on the selection and approval of tenants, terms of leases, and lease renewal

  • Your active participation in the maintenance and care of your home

  • Weekly Staff planning and training sessions

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What we don't do!

  • Hidden fees

  • Kickbacks or other forms of consideration from vendors and contractors

  • False, misleading, or for paid accolades

  • Purchasing of reviews