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We used Promax to manage a rental property for six years before finally selling it. They did a great job during that time with listing the unit, finding quality tenants, keeping us updated, handling any maintenance issues, periodic and moveout inspections, and everything else big and small along the way. The owner Ron was fantastic to deal with, personally handled the initial discussions when we were deciding which property management company to use, and was super responsive anytime we had an question or an issue. The few times we had problems, Ron was quick to resolve the situation. When they used individual property managers, the response time was sometimes slow, but that improved a lot once they implemented a team approach and group mailboxes to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. They have good maintenance providers and can get repairs and upkeep done at reasonable costs, and from an owners perspective at least they seemed very responsive to any problems raised by our tenants. Bottom line: if you need a property management company in Northern Virginia, I highly recommend Promax. They are small enough that you get great customer service and responsiveness, but a large enough business that they are able to take care of your property and tenants the right way. A good property management company alleviates a lot of the stress of maintaining a rental unit, especially from a distance. - David D.

Christine B.

I have my first house in VA 12 years ago. In 2014, I moved to west coast for my new job. I rent my Herndon property out. It is not easy to remote manager the renting from out of state even I have a great agent help me. My agent Gerry recommend Promax to me to get a full PM service. Promax do a great job here. Help me fixed AC, ceiling light etc. Thanks for your help!

Chayan D.

I have been with you for over a decade and am impressed at the care provided. Your staff is responsive, provides detailed action list, and the turnover has been efficient. This year, I used the realtor service to rent the apartment and that went smoother and quicker than any of my previous change of tenants. Thank you and keep up the good work

Jake F.

We used to Promax to rent our condo in Alexandria and the process could not have been easier. The fees they charged were extremely reasonable based on the research I did. Our tenant actually decided they were interested in buying the property which is a fabulous win-win. Couldn't be happier with the experience.

Ryan E.

I never have to worry about my properties. The team gets to me first whenever there is an issue. They are proactive on my investment so it can be passive to me.

mark p.

PROMAX has managed my Condo for over 14 years now and has done an amazing job in vetting prospective tenants for me. Communication with me regarding issues pertaining to maintenance, tenant interaction, etc. has always been very timely. And the fees that PROMAX charges for this service are very reasonable. Highly recommend!

mike a.

Promax Management has managed my rental property for more than 20 years, acting proactively to check the condition periodically and drawing on highly skilled, reasonably priced plumbers, painters and HVAC technicians when needed. My tenants have been equally satisfied with Promax services, during the leasing application process, throughout residency and at move out. Promax has a skilled staff of professionals who can be counted on to provide effective management of your property.

Peg N.

This company continues to amaze me with how professional they are. Carmela Miller, the Property manager, provided absolutely amazing service for us numerous times. One in particle was in coldest day of the year, our heater decides to stop. Carmela, assured that repairman was there within the couple hours of request. She’s been there 24/7 for us! Not only she follow up with us the following hour that it was complete, but still contacted us following week to make sure everything had been fixed. Top notch service! Thank you for everything Carmela and Promax team.

chris j.

We have been a tenant in one of the properties managed by Promax for a year now. I have nothing but good things to say about the company to date. Staff have been very responsive to my communications. I primarily use email and have always received timely responses within several hours. Our requests for maintenance, repairs and general inquiries have been dealt with promptly and professionally. I would be more than happy to employ their property management services should the opportunity arise. To our delight we have renewed the lease and hope to continue receiving good service for the duration of our tenancy.

louis r.

As an owner I have had Promax as my property management for 6 years. I highly recommend Ron ( Owner) and his team mange your property. Ron and his team takes this business personally, seriously and act on the owners behalf just as it was his own property! I had the red team and i absolutely loved this team ! If i have any more property to be managed in Northern Virginia ......I will be hiring Promax to manage my property. Ron and The Red team Thank you for 6 years of absolutely flawless business relationship ! You all are the best!  Thanks Again Lou & Erika Robinson

lauren m.

Ron and his Promax team managed our townhouse in Springfield from October 2007 to August 2018. We lived overseas during that time period and it was imperative that we trust the people looking after our property. In the 10+ years that Ron managed our home we maybe lost out on 5 months of rent and it is probably less than that. Looking back, that is astonishing. They made it a priority to not only keep our house rented but in good shape so it would not only attract good tenants but those tenants would want to stay in our house. We have been with Promax for a long time and I believe this is the best team he has had in the past 10 years.

cindy b.

We have used Promax Management for our rental property for 10+ years.  They are the best!  They provide so many services....screening prospective tenants, lease preparation, deposit/rent collection, periodic inspections, and so much more.  If the need arises, they are quick to dispatch a vendor for repair, which is a huge relief for not only the landlord, but the tenant as well.  Ron Riddell, the President of Promax Management, is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He has always been happy to help us when we have a question or concern.  His staff is also very helpful and professional.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have Promax Management looking out for us and for our investment and we will continue to recommend them to family and friends.

Crescencia M.

Promax has managed our rental home in Northern Virginia since the mid 2000s and they have done an excellent job.  We have made significant investments and improvements to the home and they helped us each step of the way.  They also ensured we captured higher rents after we made those investments.  Also, when we've had tenants that have not maintained the home, they helped us deal with that problem with honesty and fairness.  Promax is definitely the way to go!

morgan p.

I have had the privilege of working with Ron and his team for about a decade.  With a sole focus on customer service, they have always been extremely proactive and helpful with any issues that arise from our rental.  As a Foreign Service Officer posted overseas for the majority of the time, we didn't have to worry about anything with Ron and his team on the job.  When we needed to do renovations on our rental, Ron and his team were there for us to navigate this process quickly and at reasonable prices.  Promax is also an outstanding resource for real estate sales and purchases.   In sum, Promax is the only management company we will use - a conviction borne by a decade of incredible service to our family.

wendy r.

We've been with Promax for 10+ years. Our Springfield property has been continually rented during that time, and the team has been great. We live overseas, and each time we've had issues (flooding in the basement, routine maintenance, or a switch in tenants), Ron and his team have been efficient, responsive, and quick to act. We feel confidant our property is being well-cared for and in good hands, and communication with the Promax team has been excellent. Thanks!

jamie b.

We worked with Ron for over 15 years.  He's a pleasure to work with and always very professional.  Our property didn't go a day without being rented.  It was a relief to know he had everything handled and we didn't need to ever worry.  He also sold our property when we were ready.  It was seamless and the property was sold in days. He handled everything from to A to Z when it came to renting and selling our home.  Great work!  Great partner!

betty w.

Ron Riddell and his staff are highly professional and dedicated to their clients. After working with other management companies, this one is a delight. They have managed properties for me for several years and I have no hesitation in giving them my highest recommendation.

cheryl w.

My family has been renting from Promax for many years now. We have had nothing but professionalism from the staff in all our encounters. In particular we have dealt with Rachel on many occasions over the years. She has gone above and beyond to always take care of all maintenance issues that arise and is extremely patient and professional. It's not always easy to deal with owners and renters but as a renter I have always found that Promax has been very receptive.

david n.

Promax has managed two properties for my family for many years. They make it easy to focus on the rest of your life by taking a load off your shoulders such as management, leasing, tenant selection, record keeping, and do a great job. That said, as a landlord it's the nature of the beast to occasionally have surprises with repairs and issues that arise in the regular course of business whether you manage properties yourself or through a management company (I do both), and to be prepared to provide input as needed. Ron Riddell and his company have made it possible for me to grow and maintain our real estate investments with minimal stress, and I expect to continue with this arrangement for a long time.

Lisa w.

Promax has managed my investment property since 2005 and they do a wonderful job!!!!  As property managers they insure that potential tenants meet high standards, resulting in minimum risks and rent deposits into my account on time!! I have always received excellent customer service and would always recommend this company!  Ron Riddell and the Promax team are wonderful!!!

jeff p.

We were pleased with PROMAX Management and their services. Their management of our home while we were overseas was great, and they helped tremendously when we relocated permanently and sold the home. Reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.

brian k.

Have used Promax for 4 years and have been completely satisfied with their management of my rental unit. They always find great quality tenants in less than a week and always provide excellent advice. I recommend them all the time.

mike a.

Promax Management has managed my rental property for more than 20 years, acting proactively to check the condition periodically and drawing on highly skilled, reasonably priced plumbers, painters and HVAC technicians when needed.  My tenants have been equally satisfied with Promax services, during the leasing application process, throughout residency and at move out. Promax has a skilled staff of professionals who can be counted on to provide effective management of your property.

f. Alexandra

I have used Promax Management, Springfield, VA for several years. The company is on top of the rental market, has access to a variety of maintenance professionals, is extremely attentive when inspecting the rental property, and is reasonably priced compared to other property management companies in the area.  The company is Military friendly and when it is time to advertise the property for rent all websites are used to 'get the word out' and get new renters lined up. Rent proceeds are always electronically deposited to owners account on/about the 10th of the month. I strongly recommend this company.

brynn b.

Promax has been my management company for several years and I can't imagine owning rental properties without them. In my line of work, I regularly travel overseas, or get assigned overseas. During one such occasion, a condo above mine had a burst pipe which flooded my tenant-occupied unit. Before I even knew what happened, they already had a person on site to document the damage and help my tenant. In the weeks that followed, they coordinated between my tenant and insurance companies to ensure all the damage was repaired and my tenant was properly cared for. I never would have been able to manage this crisis without them. I was 11 time zones away and engrossed in work. Even if I had been in the same city, this would have been a time consuming disaster which I did not have the time to resolve. I'm a loyal Promax customer and I couldn't give a higher recommendation.

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